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The FRench Network Operators Group (FRnOG) is an informal group (5409 members) of people who are concerned with security, engineering and operation of the French Internet.

FRnOG exists to enhance the quality of Internet services available in France. It does this by fostering the free exchange of technical ideas and information between different companies and organisations.

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FRnOG Charter

The purpose of FRnOG is to improve the quality of Internet and other IP-based services available in France.
FRnOG organizes the exchange of information between IT workers involved in the network and security fields.

FRnOG is not a place for political disputes of any kind, it is focused on technical aspects of day-to-day issues which can affect the French Internet.
FRnOG is aimed at french technical engineers and experts in both the security and network fields, but is not restricted to anyone who would join in.

Subscription to the mailing list constitutes 'membership' of FRnOG.
FRnOG is not a legal entity. There is no formal membership no fees.

FRnOG is a mutual effort of French netizens, thus there is no copyrights (texts and videos) or advertisement (except for our sponsors).